Tingana, ecological reserve of rainforest in the Alto Mayo

Tingana reserve is an expanse of forest amphibians, where huge tidal waves and renacos live in absolute symbiosis with hundreds of species of wild

Tingana is located on the bed of the Avisado River, a tributary of the Mayo River, which in turn feeds its waters to the Huallaga river. These forests cover a large area between the provinces of Rioja and Moyobamba, the part that belongs to Moyobamba spans the river basin Warned (Tingana reserve), and the part that belongs to Rioja extends in the river basin Romero (also called reserve Lloros).

To reach Tingana can be used several routes, if you go from Rioja, you must go to the mouth of Tónchima via dirt road (approx. 30 min), then by boat motor by the Mayo River to the mouth of Warned river, sailing the river a few minutes you will come to the reservation. If parts of Moyobamba, the best option is to go to Havana and do a similar tour botemotor through the Mayo River to the Prompted river.

Tingana forests are called amphibians because they are immersed in the waters of the Avisado river, huge renacos with outstanding roots, give the place a mysterious appearance, Isuiza family are in charge of conserving and preserving this place.

Early in the morning after breakfast Mr. Isuiza is that directs the canoe expedition through the waters of the River Warned in a few minutes silently moving us through these waters, you can see various species of monkeys, birds, snakes, insects among others. Undoubtedly an extraordinary experience highly recommended.

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Tingana reserve is an expanse of forest amphibians, where huge tidal waves and renacos live in absolute symbiosis with hundreds of species of wild
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