Tips for traveling to Alto Mayo

To travel to the jungle, you must have the following considerations:

  1. Wear light clothing suitable for temperatures in the area. You should always carry a light jacket and a raincoat in case it rains and the temperatures drop at any moment.
  2. You must wear bug spray.
  3. Sunblock.
  4. Clothing and towel, if you fancy a swim in a river.
  5. If in your plans this access and explore the virgin jungle large areas, be sure to get vaccinated against yellow fever.
  6. Bring water and slip resistant shoes.
  7. If you are fond of fishing, carry your hooks and fishing rod.
  8. During your stay Hydrate with bottled water or running water, never standing water.
  9. If you go swimming in a rushing river, I was cautious and ask the people which is the shallowest and safest area. Never enter the water if you are alone.
  10. If you carry your phone, be sure to make your calls in the city, because in some places there is no coverage.