Our history and who we are

Our company started its activity with raising large variety of tropical fish such as tilapia, Acarahuasú, Gamitana, Paco, peacock bass and carp. In our beginnings we raise Paiche, a huge fish that lives in the rivers of the Peruvian Amazon, our dogs arrived at 2 meters, with the passage of time reduced production of other fish that acted as paiche predator, why the company decided to stop breeding this species for its high maintenance cost.

In 1989 our company extended its field and implemented a mini zoo and Turistic Restaurant, at the request of family and friends who regularly visited the place for meetings where the delicious Grilled Tilapia is shared, the change was well received by the population, thus it began conditioning the place to become a place of healthy recreation where visitors could go and spend a pleasant afternoon in contact with nature. Yacumama then became the first turistic center in the Alto Mayo.

Significantly, our company has not currently mini zoo, because tourists do not like to see caged animals and / or tied, all our animals were released in the protection forest of the Morro of Calzada. Currently we have some animals, monkeys of various varieties like Puffins, Black Pichitos and Machin, who are feed daily and live loose in our protection forest, they come several times a day to forest nearby to restaurant and we take care of caring as a demonstration of our commitment to ecology.

Some years later, with the onset of tourism in Moyobamba and Rioja, the emergence of new resorts and conditioning of natural attractions such as the various Caverns, the headwaters of the Black River and Tio Yacu, we started our activities as Tour operators. Our company acquired an engine with their life jackets destined to walk the rivers of the Alto Mayo. The first tourist circuit that was implemented was the tour through the Black River, starting from Yacumama until May River, until the Boca de Tónchima sector  (mouth of the River Tonchima in May). A magical journey where animals were observed in their natural habitat and eating delicious Juanes after a refreshing swim, etc.

Currently our company has 25 hectares specially equipped for you to enjoy nature and natural landscapes. We have 11 ponds for raising tropical fish, 10 hectares of forest you protection and a beach on the Black River, also located in our property, we have the "Tio Collpa" River, that with a arm of Black River form the Río Romero. We have a renowned resort for fine dining restaurant, prepared from fresh produce and some of them prepared with fish from our own production. Our restaurant has a large dance floor for the realization of social events, weddings, etc.

Finally, not only listed as Yacumama Resort and Tour Operator, our company has a moral commitment to promote ecotourism, preservation of forests and the love of nature, which is why we do various activities to spread the wealth of the Alto Mayo and our natural resources, especially to raise public awareness for proper use and maintenance. Yacumama today is the leader in tourism development of the Alto Mayo, many resorts in the north have taken our example as a model, especially on issues of reforestation with native species. Since the founding of Yacumama we have started a crusade to preserve the natural greenery of the High May and will continue to do.