Main festivals celebrated in the Alto Mayo

In the Alto Mayo, the main festivals in recent years have had large numbers of visitors are "Carnival Riojano" and "Tourism Week Moyobamba," both parties are organized in advance, with the support of the districts both Rioja and Moyobamba.


Carnival Riojano

Held in the province of Rioja, with the active participation of most of the population. Various competitions, dances (parades) with floats, beauty contest to choose the queen of Carnival, food festival, and others are made.

Does not have a definite date, because its origin is religious and ends on Ash Wednesday is 40 days before Easter, reference can say that always takes place in the months of February or March.


Moyobamba Tourism Week

Moyobamba celebrates its anniversary with a big party, because it coincides with the famous festival of "San Juan", which is celebrated throughout the Amazon. This great festival takes place every year, between 20 and June 30, where many cultural, religious, customs and culinary activities are performed. In addition to three queens Miss Moyobamba, Miss Tourism and Miss Orchid they are chosen.

Anniversary of Rioja

Rioja province celebrates its anniversary on September 22 of each year. . Election and coronation of Miss Rioja, Agricultural Fair Craft, sports championships, ecological tours, Gastronomic Festival, among others: During the anniversary week, various activities as performed.